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SHA2017 CTF / Bon_Appétit

Hello all , after reading some write up , i notice that 90% of players solved this challenge with the simple and easy way

using .htaccess file to find the flag file name and then read it using LFI was really easy and fast

But in our team always we look for hard way :D joking

First we found that there is LFI vuln in the website which make us able to read any file in the server :

http://bonappetit.stillhackinganyway.nl/?page=LFI HERE

so here you can read all what you need to deal with this challenge

the easy way is that you find the .htaccess file and then read the flag using the name mention in this file

as we dont check this file we did my own solution and as i think its the goal of this task

when you read the source of home page we see text :

so we check the log files access.log but we dont find it , then check access.log.1 and we get it ,also log.sh file used to create the log file

“output : All logs are saved in /var/www/html/logs/[client_ip].log, rotated after 10 entries.”



while read -r
   HOST=$(echo $REPLY|awk '{ print $1 }')
   touch ${LOG}

   # Check length
   LEN=$(cat ${LOG}| wc -l) 
   if [ ${LEN} -gt 10 ] 
      > ${LOG}

   echo "${REPLY}" >> ${LOG}  2>&1

exit 0

then we just did simple log poisoning and run our command in the server

GET /<?php system($_GET['a']);?>



pasted image at 2017_08_05 01_06 pm

and finaly read the flag